For many years, physicians have used mesotherapy (injections just under the skin) with deoxycholic acid (a naturally existing fat emulsifier) to help break up fat for patients with stubborn deposits. However, this use, while legal, was considered experimental or “off-label.” Dr. Berger has been using mesotherapy since 2004 with no complications. Just recently, the FDA has approved Kybella® deoxycholic for sub-mental (under the chin) use. This is a great breakthrough – now you can get over 10 years of experience with the confidence of an US-approve drug made just for that annoying chin fat.

In our experience, “moon-like” chins respond better than “turkey-neck”.

What to Expect

First the skin is cleansed and numbing cream is applied. After the numbing cream or injectable lidocaine, a grid of dots is drawn on the double chin fat (a temporary tattoo template is usually used). The dots are where the Kybella goes in; afterwards, the dots are washed off and just pinpricks which don’t require bandaging are left. While the fat is being broken up and absorbed by the body you may experience short burning sensations (less with lidocaine) that day plus swelling and tenderness over the next few weeks. This can be performed monthly for up to 6 treatments as needed.