Office Policies

To Our Patients:

This is an opportunity to explain the policies and features of our medical practice. Please refer to this as a reference for questions about our practice


Office visits are by appointment only. Due to time and other constraints and out of consideration for others, we are unable to examine others who may be in the room with you. When you call for an appointment, our receptionist will ask a few questions regarding the nature and urgency of your problem or concern. Problems requiring immediate physician attention will be given priority. Not all problems may be addressed in one visit.

Appointments are scheduled from 8 to 2:45 Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Nursing personnel are available via phone or voice mail Monday through Friday for follow up of results.


Medical costs are increasing at a rapid rate. Our facility, staff, equipment and supplies while costly have been specially selected with the goal in mind to give you state of the art care for the best value. To keep costs down, copay is expected at the time of visit. Billing statements and insurance claims are time consuming.


We receive nearly 150 phone calls each day! We will respond to messages at regular times during the day, usally in the late morning or at the end of the afternoon office hours. Please convey your questions clearly, give any additional information necessary such as name and number of a 3rd party contact, and allow for a reasonable time call back, usually within 2 days. We seldom prescribe medication over the phone unless the patient has been seen within the past day or two. The ancillary staff are unable to give medical advice.

Laboratory and Pathology reports

Turn around times may vary depending on the laboratory used factoring in delays due to weekends and holidays, but all lab and pathology results are reported on including normal results. Please call if you don’t hear from us regarding your test results. Laboratories and pathology services are located in a variety of facilities may bill separately.


Occasionally during your care, we may wish to consult another physician. This may require you to be seen by that physician if you are in agreement. With your consent (please see our website or pick up a form at our office) we can have your medical information sent ahead of you.

Thank You.