Tattoo Removal

Robin Berger MD is the only physician in southern Utah offering this revolutionary new reverse tattooing. This is not a laser. Instead, fine pins create openings that allow the skin to release the ink, which can contain heavy metals. A grid pattern allows normal skin in between treatment areas to act as a reservoir for healing to minimize the risk of scarring. However, there is a possibility of scarring, especially if you are prone to it. There is also a risk of definitive lightening or darkening of skin pigmentation.

All colors are treated, and fewer treatments are necessary compared to laser treatments (which can require double digit treatments at hundreds of dollars each treatment.) The number of Micropen TR treatments ranges depending on each individual tattoo, but around 3-8 treatments are required. It is recommended that the treatment area be no larger than 6"x6". The treated area needs time to recover – there will be approximately a 6- 8 week wait before a follow-up session (depending on your individual body's healing process). Once the area has healed, another treatment. Each individual treatment costs $500 and up.

Just as it is to get a tattoo, removing a tattoo is a serious commitment. While the results are rewarding, it is a process and healing can be painful. There also needs to be a dedication to proper post-treatment care to insure it heals smoothly and without infection. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule your first treatment you’re welcome to give our office a call.